Aleksandra Cholewa

Ms. Cholewa has had an extensive career in both private and public sectors, combining expertise in the metals and mining business with high-level experience in foreign policy, international relations as well as broader geostrategic and societal trends analysis.

Being highly experienced in managing industrially driven projects and supervision of the exploration and mining assets, she is responsible for the management and coordination of the Luma Group international projects run in Central and East Europe as well as in Africa.

Aleksandra has vast experience in the mining sector, especially in the mining machinery equipment, as well as the use of modern industrial explosives for mining. She has been active in the mining sector for more than ten years, gained her experience while working for leading mining companies, focusing on copper and coal sector. Previously engaged in diplomacy, Ms. Cholewa is in charge of communicating with EU Representatives regarding the European Raw Material Policy as well as representatives from different levels of the governmental institutions. She is a participant of EU economic missions, and as an active member of International Women in Mining, she contributes to several global mining initiatives. Her core industry experience and knowledge bring valuable insight and useful contributions to the Luma Group.