Leveraged Buyout

Luma Leveraged Buyout

LUMA LBO Fund is actively looking for new business investment opportunities located in in the most prospective countries of the CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe).

We invest in target companies with international footprint in their operations and high potential for further global expansion.

  • Our Investment Philosophy

  • Professional Team

    The team of LBO Fund consists of experienced managers with extensive knowledge in business and finance accompanied by proven track record of creating and implementing successful strategies for profitable growth and operating efficiency. Our investment team has previous experience in purchasing and selling of companies from various sectors. The total value of all transactions conducted by the LUMA LBO Fund Investment Team exceeds EUR 1 billion.

  • Capitalizing the potential of the CEE region

    LUMA LBO Fund capitalizes on potential investment opportunities across dynamically growing CEE economies with simultaneously providing adequately high rates of return for its investors.

  • Extensive business cooperation

    Luma's extensive global business network helps building long-lasting business relationships for our partners. This is directly reflected in the increased value of our portfolio companies.

  • Private property with additional support of external financing

    LUMA LBO Fund acts as a private entity which provides certainty, investment prudence and full transparency of financing sources for any investment - both for entrepreneurs and all stakeholders. Moreover, our goal is to moderately use the possible leverage to maximize the exit value for investors.

  • Individual approach

    We address each project individually and objectively, analyzing both its technical and commercial potential. We believe that the creativity, skills and commitment of the entrepreneurs are limitless, and with the right financial support of our capital and the experience of our team we can together enjoy business success. Each successful investment project is the result of a joint effort of our partners and our in-house teams. It is important to us that our project managers and analysts jointly work with partner's team during each stage of the investment process supporting them with our skills and knowledge.

  • Investment Criteria:

  • Enterprise value
    • Enterprise value of 7 - 10 million EUR
  • Enterprise position
    • Prominent companies in particular industries
    • Clear vision & strategy for further business development
  • Enterprise condition
    • Foreseeable and recurring cash flows in the investment horizon
    • An existing, strong management team with a demonstrated ability to effectively operate the company